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The 2nd 21Food Online Expo successfully concluded on November 20, 2020!


The exhibition lasts for 5 days and includes 2 themed trade halls. Under the attention of the Canada Food Import and Export Association, the Italian Chamber of Commerce, overseas exhibitors actively participated. The exhibition attracted exhibitors from Zhejiang, Hunan, Anhui, Shandong and a total of more than 200 high-quality exhibitors from overseas participated. More than 1,000 categories of products including agricultural products, food additives and ingredients, and food packaging machinery are displayed online.


Canada Food Import and Export Association                 

the Italian Chamber of Commerce

  The 21food online exhibition professional platform provides exhibitors with services such as online booth display, sample display, online promotion, and VCR promotion. There are also modules such as one-to-one online negotiation, booth data board.


01 Access traffic data

Since the 21FOOD ONLINE EXHIBITION was launched for 5 days, it has received a total of 13,179 buyers from all over the world including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Italy, Canada, Russia, India, Kazakhstan, etc., and 90% of them are international buyers. 70% of the exhibitors got in touch with buyers, precise negotiations, and successfully entered the stage of quotation and sample shipment.











From the data point of view, during the five-day period, the number of visitors to the exhibition hall on a single day maintained a steady growth. The peak visit period was around 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm Beijing time.

*The above data is intercepted from the background, the interception time is 12:00 every day.


02 Geographical distribution of visitors

International buyers accounted for about 90% of this exhibition, with the largest number of buyers coming from the United States, accounting for 17%, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Germany and other countries.

This exhibition attracted a total of more than 200 high-quality exhibitors to participate in. The online display of agricultural products, food additives and ingredients, food packaging machinery and other products in more than 1,000 categories. Exhibitor satisfaction is over 95%.


03 Exhibits category data

04 Exhibitor satisfaction


More than 50 overseas cooperative media continued to report the entire exhibition, and live broadcasts on overseas social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.


★ Planning social media content on the three major overseas social platforms to provide fans and customers with domestic and foreign industry trends, new developments, new product information, and the second FOE exhibition information and developments to increase exhibition exposure.

★ Planning exhibition activities on Linkedin and Facebook for Facebook group marketing, covering more accurate people to increase the interaction between fans and customers with FOE, listening to customer needs to provide personalized exhibition services, so far there are 1,000 people in the exhibition activities participate.

★ Launch Google search ads and display ads in multiple regions to increase the visibility of the exhibition; discover potential customers and obtain buyer inquiries through keywords of multiple categories of products.

★ Based on the accumulation of 21food's large global buyer database for more than 20 years, we will carry out two-themed EDM precision marketing every week to reach every customer point-to-point.


05 Exhibition promotion channels

06 Media partners

07 Media partners to promote the exhibition


08 LinkedIn

09 Facebook


10 Business matching


The 21FOOD matching team has matched 1896 times between exhibitors and buyers through emails, social chat tools, and FOE online negotiation platform.


11 Exhibitors’feedback

Received 4 inquiries and developed into a new market

It worked. It is a good decision to participate your online exhibition.

The cooperation is successful, the buyer demand is large, and the supply exceeds the demand


12 Buyer’s feedback

Receive supplier’s feedback and will contact them further


Business matching is very helpful, waiting for samples...


Successful cooperation! The demand is high, and new suppliers need to be found


So far, the second 21Food Online Expo ended successfully.


In 2021, the industry will once again join hands to hold the Food Online Expo series in both Chinese and English. Both Chinese and English will be open at the same time, which will increase the support for export and domestic sales. It will provide global food producers and traders with the interconnection of the entire supply chain of upstream, midstream and downstream. A large wave of online trading will start soon!

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 21 FOOD CHINA 2020

The 2nd 21Food Online Exhibition opened on November 16th!

The 2nd 21Food Online Expo was grandly opened at 21Food Digital Exhibition Hall at 9:30 on November 16, Beijing time!


The exhibition period is from November 16 to November 20. Domestic and foreign high-quality food and food ingredient companies gather here to experience the online booth, live video, new product release, and new exhibition models such as event forums.


This exhibition includes 2 themed trade halls, 3 regional halls, nearly 400 global exhibitors, and more than 1,000 categories of products brought accurate matching.


More than 50 overseas media continued to report the entire exhibition.

Simultaneous live broadcast on overseas social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Canadian Food Export Association▼



Italian Chamber of Commerce▼

Some international exhibitors


ProPlan Industrial Co. Ltd.Thailand

We at ProPlan Industrial has been in the business from 2007. All our products are shelf-stable and are at their best for at least 18 months. Our range of Curry pastes and Asian cooking sauces are able to transport dishes to flavors straight out of the vibrant and aromatic streets of Thailand, Asia, and the world. Our Ready-to-eat vegetarian line promotes good health especially this season, and our Ready-to-cook noodles and sauce are both practical and authentically flavorful.


The Nam Viet Foods & Beverage Co., LTD is 100% Vietnamese owned with 25 years of experience in the beverage field for local markets and the processing of goods for exporting companies in Vietnam. In the second quarter of 2016 the owner of Nam Viet F&B decided to expand to markets worldwide and rapidly conquer the trust of our clients from the first order through quality control, fast delivery and most importantly our main goal to service client accounts after sale and client satisfaction

Frikos d.o.o.Serbia

Frikos is a grower, processor and exporter of both organic and conventional IQF fruits. We pack for retail as well as in bulk.

Our GFSI standards include: BRC "A" grade, IFS Higher level, SMETA (2-Pillars), FSMA compliant (USA market), KOSHER certified, ECOCERT organic certification according to EC 834/2007, NOP Final rule # 7 (USA) and Bio Suisse (Switzerland). Member of SEDEX.


 Some Chinese Exhibitors


COFCO, greensnow, Xianyangyang, Tianjiao, Jiahua, Xiangchi, Lihua, Aipu, Futaste, Bright moon, Meihua, Fufeng, Xingzhou, Super, Tongyuan, Jinhe, Wuhan Youji, Kolod , Waking Lion, Ante, Black Tea , Xie Yuda, Biosan Biotech, Xinjiang Fruits, Baixing Food, Yingbiao Mushroom, Jia Rong He Food, Zhejiang Kingsure, Hunan Tea...


Some exhibitors’ logo


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